Crafty Recycling

I just love projects which take something people would normally throw away and make something useful out of it. Here is one such example:

Plastic Bag Tote

What a great idea! Now I have something to look for at the junk store – an M crochet hook. I’m guessing it won’t be too hard to find around here. One problem for this project is we don’t get too many plastic bags because we almost always use canvas bags at the store. I wonder how many it takes to make it?

This reminds me of a show we watched last night on the BBC Channel – Dumped. They sent 11 people to live in a garbage dump for 3 weeks, where they learned to scavenge and make money from the trash, and also they built a pretty nice place to live with things they found. It’s amazing what gets thrown away in our society… not a sustainable way to live at all. Will we all learn we can’t just consume, consume, consume… before it’s too late? I hope so.

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