Feeling Lucky and Thankful

The following poll results show just how well-off we are as a nation:

What are you giving up to pay for gas?

Total Votes: 118015
Eating out 35% 41411
Going to movies 8% 9636
Vacations 21% 25186
Nothing, not affecting me 35% 41782

They didn’t include all of the possibilities, though. How many people are scrimping on regular food because of gas prices? I’ll bet it’s a lot more than 42,000 people. My vote was for less going to the movies (the minority, of course) but I suppose I could have also voted with the majority of “it’s not affecting me.” And I read something the other day that said people tend to not give up vacations, which I can totally understand! So, how would you vote in the poll?

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  1. In St. Louis, MO – $3.09; in Fairview Hts, IL – $3.29 — just over the Mississippi River, the price is a bit higher, all taxes….


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