I Did a Baaaaaaaad Thing :(

Our shower got clogged with hair, so I bought some stuff to clear it out of the drain. We resorted to a chemical solution because we thought we couldn’t get into the drain without having to replace it (stupid design!!) and I bought this stuff called Liquid Lightning. I will never ever use that stuff again, knowing now what it can do to you. Ugh!!!! I feel so bad. I knew it was bad, but not how terrible it really is. I should not have and never will buy that again. Ever! (Insert Jamie Hyneman impression here.) :)

Seriously, though… I can’t understand how money trumps common sense when it comes to stuff like chemicals that we know are polluting our world in terrible ways yet we do nothing to stop it because the money is the first consideration – profit above all else. It’s sickening and I don’t think it will end until humans are wiped out by stupidity and laziness. What do you think?

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