Working The Polls

The Florida primary election is today, and I’ve got a job to do! This time I’m an EVID operator – the person who checks your ID as you come in to vote. It’s all computerized with a card swiper and electronic signature pad. Our county has a really great Office of Elections… they do good training and produce expert instructions that are easy to follow, so hopefully we’ll be prepared for any event tomorrow. The lady I’m working with is really nice and has done this before, so we should be good to go!

I already voted… not that it counts for the Presidential preference or anything, but I still feel compelled to exercise my right to vote. And we also have a proposition, an amendment to reduce taxes. It sounds crazy but I voted No, because our state is facing a huge budget shortfall and reducing taxes isn’t going to help. There are better ways to fix the problem – I can’t understand why every politician is all about cutting taxes at a time when our country isn’t doing very well financially. But that’s another topic for another day. Hope you vote in the primaries!!

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