Exploring PHCC Campus

Today while Bleys was at school, I wandered around campus taking pictures. I wanted to be able to identify the different kinds of turtles in the pond there. When I peeked over the railing, here’s what I found!!


He’s a little alligator, maybe three feet long. He was swimming around with the turtles and when the turtles would push him around, he snapped at them. I look forward to seeing him when I go there. I accompany Bleys because he still has only his permit – hopefully he’ll get his license soon!

Today’s trip netted two new marks in the wildlife book – I saw a small flock of female Hooded Mergansers and identified four different kinds of turtles in the pond, only one of which was in the book and hadn’t been marked before… Florida Soft-shelled Turtle, Florida Red-Bellied Turtle (new), Peninsula Cooter, and Red-Eared Slider (new but not in the book). I also found a really cool document that helps you identify water turtles based on head shape and markings (pdf).

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