Merry Christmas!!

What a wonderful day. We went over to Gramma’s house and ate waaaaaay too much delicious food and shared good company. This was the year of the kitchen gadget for my family, and the year of the tie-dye t-shirt for Trav’s family and our friends. Hopefully everybody enjoyed their gifts as much as we enjoyed ours!! Right now we’re listening to Trav’s collection of John Volby and other assorted funny Christmas songs.

I took lots of pictures today, too. Here’s a self-portrait… it turns out I love the camera so much I have a hard time giving it up, so I don’t get to be in many pictures. I think I can learn to take more like this one, but with me and whoever else in it.

Emmy Christmas 2007 Self-Portrait

Oh, and did anybody notice… I put the wrong freakin’ year in all but one of the Christmas cards I did this year. For some reason, I’ve been in a time warp for the last few months, putting 2008 on everything. I guess that’ll work out well pretty soon – I’m used to the new year already! :)

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