Mama’s Tuscan Spinach Rice Soup

We tried out this new soup recipe on Sunday. We’ll keep it, but it’s not so delicious that it will be added to the regular rotation. It’s one of those “it’s good once in a while” recipes. I thought it tasted like something out of a can, but Bleys said it was much better after adding salt, pepper and a little garlic. We’ll try spicing it up a little more next time. I wish when a recipe says “pepper to taste” they would give some kind of starting point… are we talking a teaspoon, tablespoon, or … ? I’m never quite sure.

I like to make new dishes strictly by the recipe for the first time, so we can tell if it’s good as is, has potential, or just isn’t good. It drives me insane on AllRecipes, when people do a review and they say something like, “I substituted this, and added that, and did this differently, and I didn’t like this recipe.” Well DUH!! If you followed the recipe maybe it would have turned out better.

With this recipe, I was wondering about how the rice was going to affect the soup part. On the rice package, it calls for 1 cup of rice and 3 cups of broth. The soup recipe had 3/4 cup of rice and 6 cups of broth, so I was wondering if the rice was going to suck up half of the broth… and it did! Maybe risotto rice and arborio rice are two different things? I used risotto rice. The next day, there was no broth left, it was just chunky veggies and fat rice. Still tasted good, though.

So I’m now looking for the next great adventure food. Any suggestions? :)

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  1. When recipes call for “salt to taste”, that’s a signal to me to keep moving, unless it also suggests a range. Curiously, Mom and I were just discussing that yesterday.

  2. Have you ventured into the cuisine of southwest Asia?

    Sometime in the next week or so, I’m hoping to make Fesenjan (Persian dish with chicken, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses).

  3. We’ve not done much oriental cooking, though we do like to do our Japanese hibachi dinner. Fesenjan sounds delicious! Let me know how it turns out. Where do you get pomegranate molasses?

  4. I think my geography term caused a bit of confusion southwest Asia is more popularly known as the Middle East.

    Anywho, I got the molasses at the middle eastern food importer that is right around the corner from me. Apparently, it’s a bit of a staple, and they carry four different brands.

  5. Ooops! My geography isn’t what it used to be. We like that type of food, usually, though we haven’t been to any of those kinds of restaurants here. I bet we could find some good ones down in Tampa! I’m curious to know how your dish turns out. Keep us posted! :)

  6. I’ll be sure to give you the scoop.

    Last night, I made Roadside Chicken. It’s so yummy. If you can get the ingredients, I suggest this one, too. The (maybe) hard to find ingredients are tomatillos and large-knobbed green onions. To check out this one, google this and choose the second hit:
    roadside chicken rick bayless

    If you decide to go for it, make the salsa the day before to let the flavor develop.

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