“The beaten path is the safest, but the traffic’s terrible.”

This quote from Jeff Taylor (founder of monster.com) really hit the spot for me. I’ve always liked to go my own way – much to the chagrin of my parents and probably countless other people around me. But it has served me well in my life as an entrepreneur (we’ve been in business for ourselves since 1994). I’m always looking for ways to improve, too, and this article from Dumb Little Man has some great advice:

39 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist

I already do a lot of the things on the list, like trying new things, getting away from the TV (a recent habit) and slowing down. There are more things I want to do, like exercising regularly (outside of our daily morning walk) and volunteering (I would really like to help the homeless). I try to add small improvements to life as I go, so I feel confident I’ll get around to doing these things sometime in the near future. How about you? What ways do you like to live and not just exist?

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