Hurricane Protection

Here in Florida, we have to worry about getting blown away by a hurricane, though we haven’t had to worry too much since we’ve been here. Today I found something that could help reduce damage – I contacted them to see how much it costs to get a hurricane protection system for our windows:

Hurricane Fabric from Naples Windows

This looks like a good thing to do… I sent to them for a ballpark estimate so I can figure how much we need to save up. I have no idea if it will be $1000, $5000, or $10000! We have 14 windows and a sliding glass door on our house. Any guesses on the cost?

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  1. I’m gonna guess $10-$12 per square foot. Estimating 250 sq. ft. of openings, that totals $2500-$3000.

    Not to be indelicate, but won’t debris coming through your windows be the least of your problems during a hurricane? I’m just going by what I’ve seen in videos of hurricane aftermath.

  2. Where we are, moderate damage is more common than total destruction. We’re in the safest part of the state, statistically, for hurricanes. But flying debris happens even in the most mild of storms, so it would be good to be protected with this stuff. It looks easy to put up and not too bad to store, plus you can see through it, so we would be very likely to use it, I think. One thing that keeps me from getting plywood to go over the windows is that you can’t see anything. I don’t think I could stand that!! Hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon. Your estimate sounds reasonable… I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Nope, we never heard back. I’m guessing they would think since we live in a mobile home we don’t have the money… or something. I suppose I should give them a call sometime – maybe they didn’t get the email.

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