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I was reading a story on CNN about how 36 million drivers would fail a written driving test, which doesn’t surprise me even a little bit. I think drivers in Florida are some of the worst around… people just love to tailgate and drive aggressively. Here’s a link to the test:

GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

I got 100%, woo hoo! I think I’m a pretty good driver… I do try to follow the rules of the road and not be a hazard to someone else. I wonder how Trav would do on this test? He’s the best driver I know – he can avoid a crash like nobody’s business. I feel very safe with him at the wheel. Test results welcome in the comments!!

2 thoughts on “Drivers Test”

  1. I just took it, and got 95%. I missed one question due to not reading all of the answers before choosing. Oops.

    Is Trav avoiding these crashes by anticipating problems before they develop or with fancy braking, steering, skidding, etc.? I’m conjuring a picture of him whipping the car around and driving backwards down the road to keep a better eye on a tailgater.

  2. Excellent score!! I would say all of the above for Trav, except for the driving backwards part, hehehe. He’s very aware of all going on around him and has very fast reaction times. Like when the person in front of us mashes on his brakes, he can either stop quickly enough or go off the right side of the road to avoid it. Or when some idiot behind us on a cell phone isn’t paying attention, he can get out of the way… stuff like that. I’m glad he’s paying attention!! Because a lot of people don’t seem to.

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