Complimentary Starchy Grain!

Bleys found a great site – – where they donate grains of rice for every vocabulary word where you can choose the correct meaning. It’s great fun! Hard, too. The most recent word I tried was ameliorate – I’ve seen the word but got it wrong…. ameliorate = improve. I’ve made it (briefly) to level 44 so far.

This made me think of being a kid and calling myself Emilia Bloka, when I was learning Spanish. :) Which makes me remember getting a Spanish dictionary for Christmas! I believe my parents have a film of me showing off my spiffy new dictionary. I love those films!!

1 thought on “Complimentary Starchy Grain!”

  1. That’s a fun website.

    I’ve also gotten as high as 44, but that’s only due to rampant cheating via a second window with loaded. Under regular circumstances, I hover at 38, with occasional dips into 37 and peaks at 39. I was just shy of 1600 grains of rice before stopping.

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