Trav flew up to Michigan to drive his Gramma & Aunt Susie back down here, so Bleys & I are on our own for the next few days. Poor Trav will probably be seeing snow while he’s there!! Ugh. On Friday it’s supposed to get down into the low 30s here. Brrrrr.

It’ll be great to have Gramma & Aunt Susie here, though. I love going to do stuff with Aunt Susie, and to visit with Gramma. Their dog, Taffy, is a lot of fun, too. She’s a little Pomeranian and she just loves to play, play, play. Earlier this year, Aunt Susie and I bought passes to Homosassa State Wildlife park, so I’m sure we’ll be going there on a regular basis, to visit the manatees. Whee!!

Hopefully the next few days will pass quickly so I can have my honey home with me again! Miss you, dear. |*

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