Happy Halloween!

Tonight, Bleys and I carved our pumpkins. Bleys made an ultra-cool design – it’s carved into the rind instead of being cut all the way through.

Bleys’ Pumpkin

And here’s my pumpkin…

Emmy’s Pumpkin

Note to self – do not use a Sharpie to draw the design! It makes a real mess. :)

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. We have never gotten a trick-or-treater. Almost every other house on our street is fenced in so you can’t even get to the door. That doesn’t stop us from buying candy, though!! “Just in case.”

    The seeds are in the fridge waiting for me to clean them and roast them. It’s one of my favorite treats and the biggest reason I have for getting a pumpkin. :)

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