Today is a Someday!

Devil’s Food White-Out Cake

Check one item off the Someday list – Devil’s Food White-Out Cake. Mmmmmmm!!!

I’ll definitely make this for a special occasion. It’s a bit of work but worth it – I think it’s as good as any store-bought cake. If I got this for dessert in a restaurant I would be happy! Since I didn’t follow the directions to the letter, I’m sure it will be even better next time. Oh and I wasn’t sure the candy thermometer was working right so I had to look up the Cold Water Candy Test. The frosting turned out great – it’s fluffy and not too sweet. Mom, if you’re reading this, I used floss to cut the layers in half and it worked perfectly!!

2 thoughts on “Today is a Someday!”

  1. Well, it calls for finely chopped chocolate or mini chocolate chips but I was lazy and put in whole, normal-sized chips. On one of the cakes, they sunk to the bottom and make a big mucky mess! But I took that part and made it the crumbly outside so it was OK, but I’m sure if the bits had been smaller they would have been evenly distributed. Next time… :)

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