Today I came across a great article from the Life Coaches blog:

When Is Someday?

Someday, I want to go to Europe. I also want to complete my web site “What Would You Say If I Died?” (a place for people to post all of the kind words they would say about someone when they die, but for the person to read before s/he does). Someday I want to have a nice garden (this one is for retirement, when I have more time to care for the poor plants). Someday I want to learn to play guitar (I have one, and a book to learn, so now I just need to start). Someday I want to start a foundation or something to help homeless people. Someday I want to go back to college and study geology. Someday soon I want to dejunk our house. And someday really soon (like maybe today or tomorrow) I want to make a Devil’s Food White-Out Cake. Mmmmmm!!!

I know most of these things are within my reach, in my lifetime. But will I take the time to go for it? Who wants to go with me? Comments about your somedays are welcome!

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  1. Someday…
    Someday I want to see Rio with you.
    Someday I want to see Spain with you.
    Someday I want to become Linux Certified.
    Someday I want to write a book.
    Someday I want to get a better house.

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