The Wedding

Greg & Jeannie’s wedding was awesome!! Everything was just beautiful, the weather was great for the outdoor wedding, and the food & entertainment was excellent. I got lots of great pictures… here’s one of all us kids (click to enlarge):

Siblings wedding photo

The ceremony was beautiful – I was very taken with the way they kept looking at each other, it was so wonderful. You can plainly see they love each other very much… I hope they never lose that feeling. I’ll post a few more pictures when I have more time.

Sunday we’re heading over to Greg’s for brunch, and then … ? Not sure what’s on tap for the rest of the day. Perhaps Ethiopian for supper, or back to Mom & Dad’s to eat all the leftovers we’ve created in the last few days. My belly has been full since we got here, good thing I’m walking every morning! Otherwise I’d weigh 150 pounds when I got back. :)

Trav, hope you enjoyed your dinner out. Did you go up to the place on 19? Talk with you soon, miss you lots and lots… seems like everything I do reminds me of you. |*

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