Molehills into Mountains

Ok, so the hill I climbed this morning wasn’t exactly a mountain, but since I chose to climb directly up the side, it was a pretty good climb. I was breathing really hard by the time I got to the top! This first picture was taken from a little ways away… the second was looking down at the place I took the first one from:

At the bottom of the hill From the top of the hill

I won’t get to walk tomorrow (Monday) as we’ll be taking Kelly back up to Phoenix to catch her flight. It’s a boring ride but made interesting as always by good conversation. That’s the reason I like to drive places… it’s a good chance to chat, to connect without interruption or distraction.

It’s been a really great trip so far, I’ve had a wonderful time of relaxing and having fun. If Tucson had more water and a cost of living advantage, I’d consider moving back!

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