Tonight we went to Jeannie’s spa party and it was wonderful!! We left feeling relaxed and refreshed (I’m sure the margaritas helped a bit hehe). When we arrived, Jeannie introduced us to her friends and we immediately felt comfortable and taken right into their little circle, so that was good. We got to try all kinds of face, hand and foot goo… it all smelled and felt good and wasn’t too stinky. Jeannie very thoughtfully bought each of us a little gift bag which has lotion, foot cream and lip gloss. Kelly went for the whole deal, so she’ll be getting a big bunch of stuff in the mail in a few weeks! Plus there was food and lots of laughing and swapping of stories, so a good time was had by all.

I’m heading off to bed now so I can get up and do my walk first thing. I’ve been touring the neighborhood, seeing if I can remember where this and that person lived. It all looks pretty different now, and I only vaguely remember where people lived. It’s been interesting walking around. I carry a big dowel in case I meet up with any stray dogs. Watch out, doggies!! :)

I’ve been having a great time, though I’m starting to feel just a little bit homesick. Today I tried to do my most pitiful meow to the kitties outside, to see if that would make them come over to me (it didn’t work), and it made me miss our critters. And of course, I miss Trav and Bleys! See you soon, guys. Time to hit the hay. zzzzzzzz

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  1. I hope you had a good time my love! You deserve all the pampering you can get. I am sure living with 2 guys, a night out with the girls could do you some good! ;) Love ya!

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