Maybe a little curry will warm things up

We went to Char’s Thai Restaurant for dinner and I discovered – I like curry!! Apparently there are three kinds of curry – yellow, which is usually used in Indian food, and then there’s red and green, which is the good stuff. I liked Heather’s green curry a little better than Greg’s red curry with duck, but they were both excellent. So Trav… you know that little Thai restaurant in the same plaza as Sioux City? We should definitely try it sometime. I think you would like it, too.

Tomorrow we head up to Phoenix to pick up Kelly, and then we’ll go to Carolina’s for lunch. Real tortillas!!!! Wish I could bring some back to Florida. They would be too old by the time I get back, though. Then after we get Kelly, who knows what will go on between lunch and 7pm when it’s time for spa night with Jeannie. She said there will be food and margaritas and a lovely evening of pampering. Should be fun!

I better get to bed, it’s waaaaaay past my bedtime. Keep thinking warm thoughts!!

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