Here I am in Tucson!

I’m in Tucson, visiting for a week. My brother is getting married on Saturday, yay!! It ought to be fun. Trav is home without me, you can read why on his blog.

The plane trip in was uneventful, which is good. I had a giant pile of barbeque in the Houston airport and I have to say, I liked Terminal C much better than Terminal B, which was kind of shabby. When I arrived in Tucson (a few minutes early) Dad picked me up, and on the way out I saw Beverly Harvey who was waiting for her ride to an event she’s attending this week. She’s from Florida, too, so that was pretty cool. Leaving the airport, I noticed the gas prices are about the same as at home ($2.59 per gallon at a place near the airport).

Today, we went down to Green Valley to the the White Elephant thrift store, where I bought 4 cloth napkins like the ones we have except they are butter yellow. At the next thrift store (Animal League), I didn’t buy anything! Then we went to Basha’s Food Store (I got supplies for my breakfast food), and then on to Subway for lunch (tuna sub), and then to WalMart for various and sundry supplies. Tonight we’re going to Char’s Thai Restaurant!! Adventure food!! :)

¬†Gotta run, we’re on a strict schedule. :)¬† Love you, Trav & Bleys!!

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