I Have Become… Comfortably Numb

Well, I haven’t, but my fingertips have. Trav’s brother got me an acoustic guitar for my birthday!!! What a surprise. I had talked about getting one, and he went and got one for me. Very exciting! I’ve been following an online lesson for beginning guitar – trying to master those lessons before I try anything more and get discouraged. I’m hoping to have a bit of callouses on my fingertips before my trip to Arizona, maybe I can play a little something! The only thing I can play right now is scales and the first little bit of Dueling Banjos (hehehe) … I have a whole list of songs I want to learn, though. I hope I can do it –  my fingers are kind of short and don’t seem to curl just right yet. Practice, practice, practice!

Trav found a neat site to help me study… Chordbook! It has chord fingerings, a tuning tool and a bunch of other cool stuff. Thanks, dear! And thank you very much, Steve!! :)

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