Happy 18th Birthday!!

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18th Birthday CakeBleys turned 18 today. Yay!! Welcome to the adult world. This is the cake we had for lunch. 🙂 We were trying to figure out how old those candles are, because after we blow them out, we pluck the candles from the cake, suck the cake and frosting off the end, and then wash them and put them back in in the cupboard for the next celebration. I’m thinking they’re at least 5 years old, maybe more. They still work great, though!

Tonight we’re going out to dinner with his Gramma Pris, down to Captain Jack’s in Tarpon Springs. They have awesome Mango BBQ Shrimp, which is what Bleys wants for his special dinner. Afterwards we’ll take a stroll across the bridge over to the heart of Tarpon Springs, Dodecanese Avenue, which has a whole bunch of greek shops and restaurants. Then we’ll come home and eat more cake!! Other than that, not much is going on – he wants to “lounge” for his birthday. Monday he’s going to the county offices to register to vote and for (gulp) the Selective Service. Should be fun!

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