Finally, a day off

I’ve been working so much the last week I haven’t had time for much else. Today I got to take some time and go do stuff I’ve been wanting to do – I had a very full and fulfilling day! I spent some of my birthday money on a 7 comic book series called The Gunslinger Born… Stephen King has continued the Dark Tower series with the story of how Roland became a gunslinger. I already looked at the first one – the pictures are beautiful and the extra stories are awesome.

I also did a bunch of running around… one stop was at the vet to get cat food. They have so many cats there, it’s just wonderful. There’s a couple I would bring home if we needed more kitties. We buy special food at the vet because our cats are so fat, and it’s working! Stripe has already lost a little more than a pound since we switched. And they seem to like it so it’s all good.

The rest of my stops were Auto Zone for oil for the car, Bed Bath & Beyond just to browse (I looked at silpat silicone baking mats but they were too expensive at the moment) and also checked out Bells Home Outlet and didn’t buy anything at either store! That’s gotta be a record. After that I went to get litter at Pet Food Warehouse and then decided to check out the hardware store at the other end of the shopping plaza. That was the best stop of the day!!! As I went in, I read a sign that said “No other dogs” and I was like, “Hmm, I wonder what that’s about.” And the moment I stepped in I understood. Laying in the middle of the aisle were three St. Bernards!! They didn’t even react when I came in, just kinda looked up at me. And of course, I had to go see them. What sweet dogs, they were really nice, and so soft. One of them was really old, and he had the biggest paws I’ve ever seen on a dog. They were just HUGE!! The guy said that dog was living on love, so I hope I gave him an extra day on this earth with the love he got from me today. :)

After that I stopped at the library to give them some magazines to sell – they have a table where you can buy magazines for a quarter. I love being able to recycle AND help the library! Plus I’m trying to dejunk our house some, it’s starting to get cluttered and I want to take care of it before things get out of control. If I’m not using something, it’s getting donated, recycled or pitched! I have to be very careful not to be too much of a packrat, I just love to collect things I think may be useful someday.

Then I came home, helped cook dinner, watched the second to last episode of Hell’s Kitchen, did the dishes, went out and weeded a little bit for the papaya and mango plants I have to go in the ground and then watched a little more of “The Astronaut Farmer” with Trav. Now I’m posting here and still hope to play a little WordTopia, if anybody’s around (sometimes later at night there’s nobody to play with).

So that’s my busy, busy day. Tomorrow it’s back to work. Thanks for reading!

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