Does Time Exist?

Birthdays tend to bring about thoughts of time (I’m turning 40… my life may be half over… etc.) so I thought it was very appropriate that I found this article today:

Time May Not Exist

I love thinking about questions like where did the universe come from? Where is it expanding to…? It boggles the mind. Fun to think about, though. If you believe this article, then questions about the universe don’t really apply, because if there is no time, there’s no beginning and no end, right? It has always been and always will be.

This site also led me to another, very fascinating site which sucked up a lot of my “time” today. I should have been working, but hey, it was my birthday! So I only feel a little guilty…

I found the various Top 10 lists very interesting. Oh and now I’ve discovered they have quizzes so I’m off to see how smart I am. :) Enjoy!

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