Navigating by the Stars

I’ve always had it in my head that the world might go to total crap one day (nuclear bomb or some other major destructive disaster) and I want to be prepared. So, I’ve been collecting different things I think will help in that situation. For instance, this year for my birthday, I asked for and received a slingshot. I figure if we were desperate for food, we could get a rabbit or squirrel or something. We go out and shoot small rocks at a paper target, and a lot of times I have to say… “We’re gonna starve!!!” But we’re getting better with practice. Now if the targets would just stay still like the excellent paper rabbits and turkeys Trav draws, we’re all set!

Today I acquired another tool – how to navigate by the stars. This site has a really great tutorial on identifying important constellations and how to tell which way is north.

It only takes a few minutes to complete and it’s really fun. And potentially useful for when you want to make those midnight trips to Georgia. On foot. Because you heard there’s critters up there you can get with your slingshot. :)

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