Natural Hazards

Here we go with maps again! Here’s a really neat site which shows pictures of recent natural events around the world, like fires, drought, volcano eruptions, stuff like that. When those big fires in Georgia were happening, we got smoke from them for a few days, with one of them having smoke so thick it was like walking around in fog all day.

Currently I’m reading a book named “The Secret Life of Dust” and it’s extremely interesting. Dust holds many answers to the past, such as what the climate was like at a particular time. The author attempts to estimate just how much dust is in our atmosphere, and the suggested answer is just amazing… 20 to 30 billion tons of dust swirling around the planet at any given time. And it doesn’t stay just in one area – dust from the Sahara can be found on every continent. The west coast gets polluted dust from China and the east coast gets it from Europe. It’s just one more example of how we’re all connected and that all of us need to pitch in to take care of the planet.

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