Speaking of Easter candy…

The peeps are almost hard enough now, and there’s still one row left! Cool.

Bleys got something in his basket this year which reminded me of some really neat confections we used to get as kids… candy eggshells with the side cut out and pictures inside. The outside had fancy, hard icing – the kind that dissolves almost instantly. In fact, the whole shell was made out of that stuff. I wish I could remember what those were called. I looked on google but couldn’t get the right keywords.

Our family got all kinds of interesting Easter candy… big chocolate eggs with filling inside which we would put on a plate and slice into slabs of gooey chocolaty goodness. And our baskets were hidden by the Easter Bunny, all over the house! One of my favorite things was to dig around in the grass to see if I could find a stray jelly bean or some other bonus stuck down at the bottom. It kinda felt like I won something when I found candy hidden away in the grass. :)


It turns out I did have the right keywords, I just didn’t look far enough! I found out those eggs are called Panoramic Easter Egg. I also found a recipe for them, which I might try some time! I’m sure it would take some practice to get them so beautiful. I also found a fun site featuring old-time candy.

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