The Frontier tech finally showed up.

He didn’t fix our problem, but at least somebody tried to help us, after almost a month of waiting. We have a new TiVo setup and it’s not working correctly with Frontier, who took over for Verizon in Florida at the beginning of April. It’s been a disaster. But, hopefully it will be fixed soon!

We put Mom’s big old suitcase to good use.

She gave me a set of old hard-sided luggage, and we finally found a very good use for it – the large one carries all the miscellaneous DJ equipment! It’s perfect for the job… it has good protection, it’s sturdy, and it’s roomy enough for everything we need to take with us on a job. Sweet!

Exciting day!

Bacon, getting the bathroom wall back up after repairs, intense and very enjoyable sex, thriving tomato plants, a truly delightful new kitchen faucet, yard nibbles, pizza & calzone, building a shelf and doubling our under-sink storage space (plus getting it organized), drinking a glass of cabernet, finding a better storage space for the step ladder, and watching Hell’s Kitchen. Plus there’s still a UFC event and perhaps a visitor!

Tomato plants are in the ground.

This new setup is to help with two things… to give the plants the correct amount of water (5 gallons per plant, per week) and to keep water off the leaves (to prevent fungus like what happened last time). All I have to do is fill the bucket every other day, and it will give them water and some nutrition (there’s compost in the bucket). The fencing will be the supports as well as a barrier to keep the critters out. We’ll see how this batch goes.