Planning a series of events!

This one is a community gathering at Crews Lake Park. There will be music by DJ Travis (yay!), some line dancing, a nature walk, and games. Should be fun. We have two in the books – September 10th and October 8th – and if those go well, we’ll do some more.

Great wildlife day!

We saw a beautiful pair of barred owls (one of which almost poo bombed us), frogs, great white egrets, sandhill cranes, pileated woodpecker, spiders, black snake, and kite.

The kitties like to help with our cool down.

Every morning, when we get home from our walk, we lay our towels down so we can do the last part of the workout… stretching. As soon as the towels hit the floor, the cats saunter over and lay on them. So most of the time we end up sitting on (or near) the edge of our towels as we do our routine.

Cooldown Cats