Trip narration is cool.

We bought a CD which goes by mile marker from Miami to Key West, and narrates the trip down route 1, giving history, music, fun facts, and things to do and see along the way. It has really enhanced the drive.

Very informative meeting today.

We’re looking at switching our merchant services, to save money. A local guy met with us about his services, and he explained quite a lot about how it works and how we ended up paying more than what was promised when we signed up with our bank. So, we’re going to switch and save $30-$50 per month. More money in our pockets! ­čÖé

Scratch-offs paid off.

For the first time, it was a big prize for the lottery tickets we bought someone for a birthday gift. Terra won $80! Pretty nice present. She just turned 18, along with her twin brother, Tyler.

They found me.

I was supposed to meet a group for the Great American Cleanup on Saturday. The meeting place got changed and I didn’t get any┬ámessage, so when I showed up, nobody was there. So I just started picking up trash! I had a couple of bags sitting by the car, and one of the guys that was involved stopped with his truck, picked up the trash I had collected, and told me where everybody was meeting. Yay!!