I finally went and picked some. It was fun, I spent a lot of time eating blueberries and looking at the the flowers and bugs.

Blueberry picking adventure

The picture at the bottom shows the grove and a huge plume of smoke from a bad wildfire far south of the farm.

It’s raining.

Finally! We’ve been in a drought and it’s pouring right now. Love the sound of it on the roof.

Trip narration is cool.

We bought a CD which goes by mile marker from Miami to Key West, and narrates the trip down route 1, giving history, music, fun facts, and things to do and see along the way. It has really enhanced the drive.

Nobody dug up the mint plant last night.

Oh the carnage! Especially after I put fertilizer in the pots. But two nights have gone by and the plants are undisturbed.

This is one of the previous mornings, before I put the mint into the big yellow pot, which they really seem to like!

Very informative meeting today.

We’re looking at switching our merchant services, to save money. A local guy met with us about his services, and he explained quite a lot about how it works and how we ended up paying more than what was promised when we signed up with our bank. So, we’re going to switch and save $30-$50 per month. More money in our pockets! 🙂