Trav is home!!

He was gone for nine days, accompanying his mom to Hawai’i for a visit with his brother. We both had fun while he was away, and I’m so very glad he’s home!

The bacony sausage samples lady saved me.

I saw a guy that looked at lot like my Dad, and I was struck by intense feelings of missing him. Just as my face got all scrunched up, the lady approached with her tray and offered me a taste of Boar’s Head bacon chicken sausage. It was really good and I bought some.

Jester is a very good patient.

She’s been having trouble lately, and she’s so good when I have to shove pills down her throat, make her take a liquid antibiotic twice a day, and jab her with needles for subcutaneous fluids every day. She takes it all in stride and doesn’t get mad at me at all, even when I accidentally hurt her with a needle. She’s such a wonderful kitty.


I finally went and picked some. It was fun, I spent a lot of time eating blueberries and looking at the the flowers and bugs.

Blueberry picking adventure

The picture at the bottom shows the grove and a huge plume of smoke from a bad wildfire far south of the farm.

It’s raining.

Finally! We’ve been in a drought and it’s pouring right now. Love the sound of it on the roof.