Protecting the Gopher Tortoise

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One of the joys of living in Florida’s rural areas is the gopher tortoise. They dig burrows in the sand and munch grass, living a pretty sedate existence (except when their territory gets invaded by another turtle). I was happy to learn that Florida recently reclassified the gopher tortoise as threatened, which means increased protection. Yay!! One of the best results of the reclassification is repeal of a law which said it was OK to bury the tortoises during construction, as long as you paid a fee. Now that’s no longer allowed, thank goodness!!! Defenders of Wildlife has an article – No Tortoise Left Behind – which gives a lot of good info about the plight of and hopes for the recovery of the tortoise population.

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  1. Travis Says:

    Lets just hope it is more effective then “No child left behind”.

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