Re-learning how to eat.

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Weekly SaladFor quite a while, I’ve had an itchy, scaly patch in my ear, which got worse after I had a course of antibiotics for a bad tooth. I suspect I have a systemic candida infestation, so on March 1st, 2016, I started a candida cleanse and diet, hoping to heal the cause of my ear trouble rather than just treating the symptoms.

The first day was broth only. Days two through six – only vegetables. On day seven, I’ll start the diet, which is consuming absolutely NO sugar, grains, yeast, or alcohol. I’m going to do it for at least the month of March, and longer if I feel I’m not healed of the infection. Read the rest of this entry »


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Recently, we’ve been exploring the Upper Pithlachascotee River Preserve. It’s a small park with walking trails and a boardwalk through a cypress swamp. I’m fascinated with the cypress knees – you can see them poking up in the right of the picture – they look like skinny, short stumps.


This is the first time I’ve really gotten close to cypress trees. And, the park has the 8th largest bald cypress tree in Florida. Neat!

Here’s a closer view of some other cypress knees.

cypress knees

Scientists aren’t sure why the cypress trees have these… perhaps for stability.

Back at it again!

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Wow, it’s been over a year since I wrote an actual blog post. And, I fell off the gratitude journal again. But then, yesterday, I read an article that said it’s a good thing to do a little review of what you’re grateful for at the end of the day, so I thought I should pick that back up. It really does help me keep a better mindset when I do it.

In other news, I’m trying again to grow tomatoes! Kelly brought back some San Marzano seeds from Italy, and when we visited, I filched some seeds. They all sprouted and here are six plants, ready to go into the ground. Have to get some dirt and stuff this week. I just hope it doesn’t get too cold before they’re ready… should be early to mid-December. Crossing fingers!!

Tomato plants


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It’s been a while since I blogged, though I have been keeping up with the gratitude journal! That’s why I moved it up to the top right, so it’s easier to see and shows more.

We’re currently in the throes of helping to plan the Playing It Forward Music Festival. It’s fun and a lot of work, too. Hopefully it will be a successful event!

And here’s a random picture of a reflection in a canal, taken while we were at the Bayport Inn, having a delicious prime rib dinner.



Happy New Year!

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A lot happened in 2013. We got married! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon. We did several mud runs. We held a ballroom dance event. I’m sure there’s more but I never did get around to posting about things. Several people have asked about my blog so I’m going to start posting here again, starting with writing an entry in my gratitude journal every day. Thank you for reading!